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Deep Fried Twinkies are Vegas at it’s Best

My name is Tim and I am a junk food-a-holic. I full admit this addiction and embrace it fully. I honestly don’t think I have a problem…till it comes to Hostess Twinkies. I have been known to eat an entire box in one day. The story behind this was I was driving around, had bought a box of Twinkies that morning and kept going, “Ill have one more, oh just one more” and by late that afternoon the box was gone. Granted I wouldn’t do this today, but that was when I was younger with a better metabolism.

Flash Forward to 2010. I was watching Kathy Griffin’s “My Life On the D List”. She took Bette Midler to Mermaids for Deep Fried Twinkies. I was like WHAT? I had to go! So the following trip we went to Freemont Street and I made a direct trip to Mermainds. Ok, walking in this is old Vegas. I think this trip, Aug 2014, they started switching to paper. Whereas, before you still could carry around your cup of pennies, nickels and quarters. I LOVED IT.

The worst was when Hostess went out of biz for the six months. I immediately thought of what was I going to do about my beloved deep fried Twinkie. Well, I found out that they used the Little Debbie equivalent snack cakes during the time the official ones were unavailable.

Before this trip, the snack bar at Mermaids was a whole in the wall. But when I walked in last month, I was taken aback by the remodel. The entire snack bar was remodeled and looks amazing. I forgot to get a pic, but will next time I go, I will share! The best thing about the Twinkie is its only 99 cents. In modern Vegas, 99 cents is a steal. So what do you get for your 99 cents?

You get a Twinkie that has been battered, fried, then covered in powdered sugar and chocolate sprinkles. It is heaven on a stick. As you can tell by the pic, it swells up way bigger than an average Twinkie. It is put on a stick to make it easier to eat. But, what you don’t get to see is all the powdered sugar that falls off, gets all over you and the table. If this was any other food I would be annoyed, but this is just part of the experience. When I finished this one I had powdered sugar everywhere. I had to make sure I cleaned the table and myself.

You maybe asking about the tastes. Well the first time I had a Fried Twinkie was at the North Georgia State Fair in prob 2002. I was hooked. It has a definite Twinkie taste but something about frying it just makes it better. Is sweet but not overly sweet. The cream in the middle melts and gets absorbed into much of the cake. This also makes it harder to eat because it will fall apart easier. Luckily the fried batter helps keep it together. It is just amazing, I’m getting hungry right now as I type this.. I won’t be in Vegas for another 5 months….

If you’re a fan of fried foods. They also have deep fried Oreos. You get three for 99 cents, I’m telling you this place is ┬ádeal. They also have hot dogs from Nathan. But, what if you go with friends and want a healthier option? They used to have a frozen chocolate covered banana, and guess how much? Yup, 99 cents. The first time I want I named the Twinkie, Oreos and Banana as the Sweet Trifecta. I won’t be doing that again any time soon!

Going to Vegas I highly recommend going to Mermaids for an amazing treat on a stick known ad the “Deep Fried Twinkie”

Mermaids Casino
32 Fremont St,
Las Vegas, NV 89101
I don’t believe they have a website