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Elevations Chophouse Chicken Parmesan Review

Chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite meals ever. I remember back in the day wanting to get with a friend and try to make it, but luckily we never did get to make it! At that time I’m glad we didn’t do it because it would have been a train wreck! I was not, what you call, a good or even an adept cook. I lacked skill, experience and any cooking abilities.

There is one thing about chicken parm that doesn’t always make it great for dinner. It’s a very heavy dish and fills you up quick. The breaded chicken and pasta are not for light eating! Its a hearty meal as my grand parents would say, meant to “stick to your ribs”

On August 30th, we went to Elevations Chophouse in Kennesaw. We took may aunt and uncle who were in town for dinner. I love any restaurant that is at an airport where you can see the planes take off! This restaurant is at McCollum Field in Kennesaw, GA. Meaning it’s doesn’t have as many planes taking off and landing as I would like. This trip we saw two take off! Which is pretty good for McCollum.

I looked over the menu and it was between the Chicken Parm or a Balsamic Chicken. I was torn. Balsamic vinegar is one of my favorite things in the world. But, Chicken Parm, I said to hell with eating right, let’s go with the Chicken Parm.

When it came it looked a bit different. I wasn’t sure that it would be up to my standards. But, I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was lightly breaded, which meant it wasn’t as heavy as normal Chicken Parm. They didn’t use a thick red sauce a fresh sauce made out of tomatoes. Fresh tomato sauce is the best in any italian dish! Its work but it pays off in the end. They put their take on a classic and I loved it.

The pasta under the chicken was amazing. I wasn’t sure if they made the pasta or if it was store bought. It was very light and delicious. The pasta wasn’t covered in sauce but had just enough to get the flavor but not be drowned in the sauce.

I was super impressed with this take on Chicken Parm. Here is the description from the menu: “Pounded chicken cutlets lightly breaded in a imported parmesan crumb and quick fried topped with tomato basil salsa fresca and fresh mozzarella cheese. Served with fresh cooked to order Fettucin carbonara” Price wise it was around $15 and for what I got, well worth it!

If you’re interested in going to Elevations Chophouse, they are in Open Table for reservations!

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