Welcome to the Unlikely Foodie

Welcome to the Unlikely Foodie. You may be asking what the heck is this blog? Well, as the name suggests, I’m an Unlikely Foodie. I say this because I have always been and continue to be a very picky eater. For instance things I hate are seafood (all fish), broccoli, eggs (except hardboiled),coconuts and butter beans. Then there are dietary conditions (from gout) that have me limiting what I eat. Most of these things I really do love but my gout doesn’t love it. They are nuts (all of them), Foods High in iron, black beans, Fried foods, shrimp, and organ meats (this one I”m not sad about). So between the two it limits what I eat. Then tack on top of that I want to eat better and loose weight, that’s a whole new thing!

You maybe asking things I do like. For all my life I have loved chicken. I actually prefer it over beef. Fruits are another thing I love, outside of the one mentioned above I will eat just about any kind of fruit (grapes, apples, pares, mangos, bananas and the list goes on). Over the last few years I have really found things I love.

Some of my favorite cuisine is American, Italian, Pizza, Mexican, Burgers and Chinese. Of all of these Italian is probably my favorite. There are very few things when I go out that I won’t eat an an italian restaurant. Some of my favorites are Chicken Parmigan, Veal Parmigan, Lasagne, Chicken Marsala, and the list goes on with Italian. I also love a great burger. I’m not talking a McDonalds. I mean from a burger place like Gordon Ramsey Burgr or Richard Blais Flip Burger. However, I did have a Whataburger for the first time and I am hooked! Too bad there aren’t any new my home in Atlanta. The nearest one is in Birmingham.

This is an intro on who I am as a foodie. Now what is this blog about? I think food should be for everyone and not pretentious. You know what I’m talking about, some restaurants you go in and you’re like WHAT? I’m going to tackle my favorite restaurants, places to get food (more on that later), fast food, cooking at home, and snack foods. So the whole thing is wide open. I will focus on Atlanta and my travels. I get to Vegas two times a year and always try to find new things. Plus my favorite Gelato shop is there!

I hope you will enjoy the journey and join in with me. I always love to hear about new restaurants and places to eat. This will be super fun for me and I hope you too!

The pic above isn’t the best but it’s me in Vegas at Cafe Gelato in the Bellagio enjoying my favorite Watermellon Sorbet