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Whataburger… What a freaking Burger

I have heard friends who loved in Texas talk about Whataburger for many years. They would always go after a night out on the town or talk about taking the kids to one. But I had never experienced the wonders of this establishment until August 2014. I was in Texas for a Job interview. When leaving Dallas Love Field I spotted the Whataburger and thought, I may have to try it before I leave. And didn’t give it a second thought. I figured I would forget or eat somewhere else.

Long story short my interview was rescheduled and the cafeteria where I was interviewing was closed. So I ate some crackers and a Coke for lunch. Not the best lunch but you gotta do what you gotta do.  After the interview I went back to the airport and remembered the Whataburger. Luckily I had a flight that allowed me plenty of time to eat and went to order my burger.

You should know that I love a great burger. It is one of my favorite things to eat. I’m not talking a regular fast food burger (I will post about In & Out soon!). When I go to Vegas I love going to either Gordon Ramsey Burgr or Burger Bar. Also, here in Atlanta we have Flip Burger which is known for their innovative burgers. So I was excited to try a new burger place. Especially, after all I have heard about Whataburger over the years.

I didn’t know what to expect. So I just ordered a Double Meat Whataburger. Why a double you ask? Well I was HUNGRY! I went with what comes standard on the burger. Standard is lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickles and onions. I didn’t get any cheese on it. Although, afterwards I should have! The first impression I had was its a BIG burger. I was expecting the same size at McDonald’s or Burger King. But this was a massive burger. The grilled burger was seasoned pretty well and I was either very hungry or it was a damn good burger. But I have a feeling it was both!

Along with the burger I got fries and a Sprite. I would’t normally bring it up but I got the spicy ketchup for my fries. Spice is not something I usually like but the ketchup had just the right amount of heat for me. It was a perfect match for the fries. In fact I grabbed two extra to take home with me. And no I haven’t eaten them yet, but I will soon.

The only down side is we don’t have any Whataburgers in the Atlanta area. I went on their site and the closest is north of Birmingham Alabama. It’s almost worth a drive for me to get it again!

My overal impression is I loved the burger at Whataburger. It has to be one of the best burgers I have had in a fast food establishment. I posted on my personal Facebook page and several people commented on the burger! Now I know the joys of Whataburger. I just wish I could have it more often! But I think a road trip is in order soon! Next time I’m trying the onion rings and a milk shake!

Note, I was so hungry I didn’t get a pic without a bite. After I took a bite I realized, DOH I need a picture