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Earl of Sandwich – Sandwiches in Vegas

I am not a fan of the sandwich. When I was growing up I hated to take them to lunch to school. While other kids loved them and would eat the PBJ, I would begrudgingly eat it and wished for better things to eat. This carried on into later in life.

One reason I don’t like sandwiches growing up is the bread always got soggy and had no texture. But also later in life I just wanted something more substantial to eat. So when asked if I wanted to go out for a sandwich, I would always say no and try to go somewhere else.

Flash forward to the 2000’s and the popularity of the Panini. I do like a panini. I guess I feel its more of a meal because its hot and the bread has some texture and crunch. So this long story leads me to my most recent trip to Vegas. I wanted somewhere to eat on a Wednesday night. I looked up in FourSquare and found “Earl of Sandwich” at Planet Hollywood.

The ratings of them for them were very good and a few of my friends had gone. So I looked over the menu and I will say the main reason I went was because they had Mac and Cheese! I headed up to Planet Hollywood and and got in line. The line was really long for them and took about 10 mins to order. I ordered the Hawaiian BBQ. Which is a hot sandwich of ham, pineapple, swiss and Hawaiian BBQ sauce and a then a side of Mac and Cheese. I really loved it all. The sweet of the pineapple and BBQ sauce gave it a great twist to a regular ham and swiss sandwich.


The Mac and Cheese was great too. It was creamy and the pasta cooked just right. The one thing I wished it had in it was bacon, but let’s face it everything is better with bacon! It was amazing! I loved that they put cheese on the top and cooked it in a small pan, rather than cook a bit batch. It probably was too big for one person but I ate it all regardless

If you’re in Vegas stop by Planet Hollywood and get some great food. They have locations across the country!