Birmingham, Melt Birmingham

I’ll Melt With You – Melt Birmingham

I finally got the chance to try out Melt Birmingham. The last time I went there it was running over with people and there was no where to park nearby. So I was super excited to really try their food. Everyone I know that lives in Birmingham really has raved about Melt.

We get there around 3 o’clock to only to discover that they are out of ham. Which didn’t make me happy because what I wanted had ham in it. However, when you have a really large lunch crowd it’s really hard to keep up with what you need for the day. So what I do instead of getting something with ham I ordered the Black-n-Blue sandwich.

The Black-N-Blue Sandwich is a sandwich made with skirt steak, blue cheese, arugula, tomatoes and on sourdough bread. I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of skirt steak.  It’s not so much the taste itself it’s more of the texture. The texture to me of skirt it is very tough and chewy and not a big fan of that texture. That being said the sandwich self was very delicious. Is only one piece of the steak that was hard to eat and was overly chewy.

Along with the sandwich I got the fries and also a separate order of onion rings. The fries were really good. They were cooked crips and not soggy. Another pet peeve of mine with fries. Let’s talk onion rings. I think it’s one of the easiest things to mess up. You have to cook them just right. These were very crispy and had a great batter on them. But what I really loved was the Wasabi Aioli. It was amazing. I used it for about all the rings.


One thing I really wanted to try was the Mac and Cheese but with all I had to eat as it was, I decided to pass on that, but I’ll be back to try it I know! Another reason I didn’t get it was the dessert. It’s called a Banana stand. Which is Nutella, bananas, powder sugar, clover honey on Texas toast. Now you may be going the Texas toast is an odd choice for a dessert. I thought that as well. But they way they cooked it it was amazing. The sweet of the sugar and honey gave the bread a more dessert feel. But the bananas and Nutella were amazing. I ate every bit of this and no I didn’t share!

I want to go back and have about three of the Banana Stands. Amazing is all I can say about this freaking amazing. But will I go back to Melt, yes I will, there is so much I want to try on the menu and the Mac and Cheese.

4105 4th Avenue South. (Cross street 41st) –
Birmingham AL
Telephone:  205.917.5000