Fast Food, Popeye's Lousiana Kitchen

Popeye’s Beer Can Chicken Tenders

Not every mean can be out at a moderate to high end restaurant. As I said when I launched this site that I will be posting everything from Fast Food to high end. This week I’m reviewing the Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen Beer Can Chicken Tenders. I love the regular Chicken Tenders and have even enjoyed the Chicken and Waffles Tenders. So I was looking forward to seeing what they would do to the Chicken Tenders.

I have seen these advertised in the restaurants for a few weeks and like many of you curious as to what they were seasoned with. They are using a Beer Can chicken seasoning made out of garlic, rosemary, cayenne, butter and lemon zest. Then is is served with a creamy cayenne dipping sauce. I will say I wasn’t a fan of the sauce. This is because its a little hotter than I would normally like. I prefer mild sauces, really hot food doesn’t agree with me. But if you like sauces with some heat, you will probably like it.

I tried the tenders without any sauce. It tasted really good. The seasonings really worked well. It had a little bit more flavor than the regular tenders. The regular tenders are probably my favorite for any fast food/quick service restaurant. The only strange thing is that I had a big tender that was stuck together.

The meal they have advertised for $3.99 has a biscuit and french fries. I think they have ok fries not the best in the fast-food market. However, the biscuit is one of my favorite in any restaurant. They have the perfect mix of cake flower that makes it light and fluffy and just amazing. Then they put butter on the top and it sinks in and YUM. I could eat a box of them just by themselves.

If you have a Popeye’s in your area check out the Chicken Tenders. They have specials like the Beer Can Tenders every so often. So be on the watch. They have done the Chicken and Waffles tenders the last two years. I hope they bring this back after the initial run.