Cupcakes and Cakes, Sprinkles

Sprinkle some Goodness with Sprinkles

If you haven’t noticed that I have a massive sweet tooth then you haven’t been reading. I think sugar is one of my main food groups. My second food group is chocolate.

So it’s a natural that I love Sprinkles. If you have been living on another planet and don’t know what Sprinkles its an amazing dessert place. Notice I didn’t say just cupcakes. They now sell cookies and ice cream. But what I am talking about in this post are the cup cakes.

cupcake-tower-redI have been to two locations and neither one of them are in my hometown of Atlanta. The first one I went to was at 7th & Fig in Los Angeles. There I ordered what is my favorite the banana cupcake. Again notice another trend bananas. The cupcake has an amazing banana cake batter with white icing on top. About a week ago I had a hankering for one and should have gone to the Atlanta location. I also ordered the marshmallow but I took it to my friends house and left before I ate it.

Flash forward a week and I go rider the high roller in Vegas. The new shops at the Linq have some great places to eat and Sprinkles is one of them. We didn’t go in it used the cupcake ATM. Which is one of the best things that has ever happened to cupcakes. When you choose your cupcakes there is a video camera on the picker and you see it get your cupcake or cupcakes and deposits then in the vending are and then the door opens and you take your individually boxed cupcakes with you.

I got the marshmallow cupcake. Which has marshmallow filling and chocolate icing
Now had it been a s’smires one it would have been in heaven. But they don’t put all flavors in the ATM. Regardless I was happy with the cupcake. To me if it’s cooked right there isn’t much you can do wrong to a cupcake.

If you go and want to try the ice cream. I would suggest it. The dark chocolate ice cream is the best one.  I will be getting a dozen cupcakes for my birthday. So stay tuned for that.