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An Atlanta Tradition the Colonnade

If you have lived in Atlanta for any length of time you know about the Colonnade. It’s been an Atlanta landmark since 1927. Its best known for it’s southern down home cooking. I have had almost everything on the menu, with exception of the chicken livers, and it’s all be amazing. You can go wrong with anything there.

Over the last few years they have been running specials. Some of them have been amazing. Others, well I’m sure other people liked it. One trip the appetizer was Kangaroo. Yes, I said Kangaroo, the hippy hopity creatures from Australia. You maybe asking did we get the Kangaroo, well we did order it for our table but they were out of it.

When I go to the Colonnade I usually get a regular meal. That meal is Turkey and dressing. It is one of my all time favorite meals and they know how to do it right. Its very much “the way momma would make it.’ They server sliced turkey over the dressing covered in gravy and a side of cranberries. How can you go wrong with that?

They have a list of about 20 sides they call vegetables. Well Mac and Cheese is on that list so I would call it sides rather than veggies. They have amazing whipped potatoes and mac and cheese. But I do change up my sides. The mac and cheese is very southern and is not too runny. It’s just right for me.

Colonnade Stfawberry Shortcake

This is not all I got, this time I tried the Strawberry Shortcake. Which is a little different because in the middle they have vanilla bean ice cream. Which i was not expecting, you know had I read the menu I prob would have seen it! But the cake wasn’t as moist as I like but it was still very good. I ate it all up!

If you are a local or visiting Atlanta you must go to the Colonnade. Just a few things to let you know. They are open till 10 on weekends. They also only take cash or checks, no credit cards. But you will have a great time!

1879 Cheshire Bride Road
Atlanta, GA 30324

NOTE: I’m trying to improve my photography skills while out at a restaurant