Candy, Chocolate

Can I have a Hug

As I said in my sprinkles post. Chocolate is my second food group. I don’t drink so when I have a hard day I reach for some chocolate. Also since I have gout I can’t eat nuts. Almonds are really bad as are peanuts. And can I say how hard it is to get chocolate without nuts.

So you maybe asking what I eat?  My personal favorite for the last few years are Hershey’s Hugs. They are a mix of white and milk chocolate. My previous favors was snickers and kisses with almonds.

So this past week I needed a pick me up and I went to Publix before work and I wanted some Hugs. They only had Hugs & Kisses.  So I bought the bag. As a side note the price of chocolate had gone up substantially. I think it’s cheaper to smoke then buy chocolate.

I will be covering more chocolate and snack foods on the blog