Fast Food, McDonalds

A Delicious Pie…From McDonald’s

Ok, before you judge, let me make my case. As you know I eat everywhere and not ashamed to say that I do. I partake in the fast food and rather enjoy it. So when i went to McDonalds and got a super sized Chicken Nuggets meal (don’t judge, I didn’t eat breakfast), you get a free pie. The traditional is the classic Apple pie. Which is a good pie. Probably one of my favorite fast food pies. However they have a new one called the IMG_7188Strawberry & Cream pie.

Now you had me a Strawberry add in cream cheese and I was intrigued. I saw saw it on the menu and was thinking of ordering one. Before I could I heard her ask the guy in front of me if he wanted an apple or strawberry pie with his super sized order. SCORE! I get one for FREE!

So, I get my food and drive home. I went shopping so I had a ton of bags and when I was walking in the bag ripped (how ironic the pie box made the bag break, I saw it was torn in the car). Then half of my french fries fell on the garage floor. NO! I yelled. So I was out half my fries. I went in and ate my nuggets and remaining fries. Then turned my attention to the pie.

I took the first bite and was like, “wait could this be as good as I think.” And yes it was. It was like they took a strawberry cheese cake and made it into a pie. I didn’t even put it down and just kept eating till it was all gone. I wished they didn’t put the strawberry on one side and the cream cheese on the other. Every so often you would get one side with out the other.

It was amazing. I have to get one or two more of these before they leave because this has to be a limited time offer. So don’t miss out on this amazing pie!