Atlanta, Fresh2Order

Fresh2Order Healthy and Great!

Looking at my blog I know some of you are going, “Do you ever eat anything healthy?” Why yes I do and will start up at the first of the year. I have to watch what I eat and start working out or exercising. Because I can’t go up another pants size. To do this I need to eat healthy and wise. One of my favorite places to do that is Fresh2Order.

Fresh2Order is a chain that is mainly in the south east. They have taken some classics and made them way healthier with some better sides and way of cooking. One of them is the chicken tenders. What they did was make them with less calories and did away with the french fries. Granted Chicken Tenders/fingers are one of my favorite things ever (see the Pie post from McDonalds on Wednesday). That is not what i get when I go to Fresh2Order

My favorite thing on the menu is a salad. WHAT? I hear some of you asking, a leafy green salad? Have I lost my mind! (That’s debatable) There is something about this salad I can’t get enough of, and that salad is the SouthWest Salad. The salad has grilled corn, dried cranberries, golden raisons, tortilla strips, cheese and a southwest ranch dressing. I was not a fan of the golden raisons and the first time I got it, I ate around them. But then I accidentally ate one and the flavors just felt right!

Over the summer they sometimes change out the golden raisons with grilled pineapple but I”m not as big of a fan of it. I love pineapple and will chow down on it any chance i get but it doesn’t work as well ad the golden raisons. Which is odd because there is no way I would have ever eaten them before. Now, look at me I”m eating them on my salad.

Fresh2Order has a ton of other great options. Everything I have had there has bene amazing. I wish they go nation wide so you all can enjoy it. But if you get to Atlanta check out their locations around town!