Pumpkin Spice…that isn’t Nice

Lets face it, in the Fall the entire food world turns to Pumpkin Spice. I mean we have lattes, snake cakes, coffee creamers, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, and the list seems to go on every year. Each time you think they can’t be something new, BAM! Here is something new with Pumpkin Spice. As you can tell I am not a big fan of the Pumpkin Spice.

I think the catalyst for the current craze was Starbucks. This was the first time I remember people going crazy for it. Each year I had friend who would wait for it to be released at Starbucks. Being such the coffee fan I am i rushed out to get it NOT. It just seemed an odd combination. Then bring on all the other crazy things that happen after.

I am not giving judgement to the companies making all these foods with Pumpkin Spice, heck if i owned a company I would be cashing in too. It’s the craze has gone a bit over board and if we agree as a collective to stop buying, the crazy pumpkin spice will end.

You maybe asking where is this coming from. Well I was pumping gas this past week and right there but the pump QuickTrip was advertising Pumpkin Spice Doughnut holes. Ok, when a gas station is advertising them its time to move on to the next big thing. This has become the crafting equivalent to Mason Jars as the one thing that just won’t seem to die!

I think you should have your pumpkin pie and even your pumpkin latte, but let’s draw a line there. It’s time to cut the super crazy concoctions that people are coming up with. It’s gotten out of hand and next time we are going to see is Pumpkin Spice gum (as I type this I realize they probably already have this somewhere, but it’s not on my radar!

So join with me for the end of Pumpkin Spice!