Atlanta, Bleu House Market, Flip Burger Boutique, Fresh2Order

My Favorite Atlanta Restaurants

If you are planning a visit to Atlanta I have a few suggestions that you must go too! They are spread through out the city so don’t expect it all to be Inside the Perimeter (or ITP for the locals). Trying new restaurants is not limited to just in town for me. So I have developed great places around Atlanta. Here are a few around town that I love, some I don’t get to much and other I go to often.

Mo’s – I don’t mean the Welcome to Moe’s. Its pretty much a pizza joint that is sort of a hole in the wall but has amazing food. I used to live around the corner from it and discovered it through a room mate. Certain nights when I didn’t feel like cooking I would stop by get a Meatball Sub or pizza and head home. Pretty much everything is amazing. One of the best things I had was in 2013 on my birthday. They had Meatball sliders with fresh basil on it and they were just awesome. Located at Claremont and Briarcliff.

Bleu House Market – This I discovered while working at a contract job. They have really amazing food in Norcross. It really surprised me how the choices they have and its a hidden jewel in downtown Norcross. When I was there I had the Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf (I have written it up). Its a small place with not much parking, but if you can find a place and eat there it’s worth the trouble.

Downwind Restaurant and Lounge – I am a big fan of aviation. When I lived near there I heard about the restaurant. The weekend before I moved I finally ventured over. The restaurant is located at Peachtree Dekalb Airport. You drive all the way back to the play ground and it’s in the building to the left. Its another place you wouldn’t find unless you knew where it was! The hamburgers are some of the best I have had in Atlanta. If you want to sit on the deck get there early or be prepared to wait. But it’s got amazing atmosphere and friendly staff.

Flip Burger – Again I’m a huge burger fan. When I heard that one of my Top Chef fav’s Richard Blais was opening his own burger restaurant I was so in. I have been ¬†many times. They have set burgers (not all have hamburger meat) and specials. The french fries and onion rings are the perfect sides. Not to mention the milk shakes, OMG, you can have them plain or “adult”. Meaning alcohol! My favorites are the Something Burger special, with onion rings and Burnt Marshmallow Nutella shake! There are two locations one off Howell Mill and one at Roswell and Piedmont.

Fresh2Order – If you are looking to eat healthy, and let’s face it the other choices aren’t so healthy. Fresh2Order has amazingly healthy food that tastes, well the best I have ever had on the market today. I am one that will run for anything labeled “healthy” But, everything I have had there has been amazing. As the name suggests, it’s all fresh to oder. So it will take it a little while to get to you but well worth it. Made with the freshest ingredients, just amazing. My favorite is the Chicken tenders and Southwest Salad. They have a few locations around Atlanta so see their site for the one nearest you!

Argosy– One restaurant that introduced me to the evil of pork belly kabobs. OMG they are pure evil on a stick but so darn good. They have a mix of sandwiches, wood fired pizza and more! They are located in East Atlanta Village. I remember when the space was an antique store. They have redesigned it into a really amazing restaurant. The Chicken sandwich is one of the best in the city. I have been twice but hope to go back soon, it’s one of my new favorites.

Colonnade Restaurant – Talk about an Atlanta Tradition. This restaurant has been around Atlanta since the 20’s. It moved to Cheshire Bridge Road in the 60’s and has been there ever since. It’s souther comfort food. Everything from fried chicken, Turkey and Dressing to Pot Roast. They have daily specials and some of the best home cooking in the city. But be warned that its cash or check only! There is an older crowd that goes early so go after 7 to not have a big rush. But the Turkey and Dressing is one of my favorites and has been since I started going!

Zucca’s Pizza – So say you want great pizza, Zucca’s is the place you need to go. It’s located in the Smyrna Square. I am a big fan of pizza and this is some of the best I have had in the city. Its made in a wood burning oven. They say they¬†specializes in authentic, home-cooked Italian menu favorites. I would agree. It’s New York Style pizza in the ATL!

Marietta Dinner – I leave the biggest for the last. I don’t mean biggest restaurant but meal. Many have seen this on the Food Network but when you order a meal you get bread, soup, salad, your entree and sides. Its no wonder you see people leaving with bags and bags of take out. There is no way you can eat everything they have to offer. The menu is like a book. They have american, greek, and a lot more. It’s a must experience in Atlanta. It’s also located in Marietta on Cobb Parkway. They have a huge parking lot but be prepared to wait it’s one of the more popular spots in the city.

Here are just a few places I love. There are tons more I didn’t put. And a few days form now I will go “OH yeah Should have (insert restaurant)” on the list! Click on each restaurant to find location, menus and hours of operation