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Get you a Slice from Slice Pizza

It has been a few weeks since I have posted. I took a little time off to finish up a contract job. It was 3-4 hours each day and by the time I was home I was worn out. So I said I would cut back on here and pick up after the job was done. Last month I took another trip back to Birmingham. And before you ask, yes I did go by Whataburger, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about this time. This post is about Slice Pizza. I am a big fan of pizza and really love a great slice.

Slice Pizza is more of an upscale pizza place, for a lack of better word. I would say it’s like the Flip Burger Boutique for Pizza. I say this because they take something common and every day and put on a new creative spin. They aren’t the Pepperoni and extra cheese place. If you want that, head down to Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.


The restaurant itself looked to be set in an old house. So it gave it a bit of charm that many new places don’t have. Next we went on a colder day and inside was fine, not sure how the people outside managed but It wasn’t warm enough for me to eat outside comfortably. It’s a really great place and atmosphere. So I was excited to get to the pizza.

There were so many choices that I wanted. I eyed the Perfect Pepperoni and the Little Piggy. But settled on the BBQ Pizza. Which is “Braised Chicken, Green Onion, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, BBQ Sauce.” I was impressed by the pizza. The green onions added just enough kick for me. It was pretty good. I ate most of the pie, but had a few pieces left over. Which I walked out and left, this should have been a sign it was not to be.

I want to go back and try the Little Piggy next time. But the pizza wasn’t great the next day. The hotel I stayed at had a refrigerator in it and I tired to eat it cold the next day. I just couldn’t do it. If I put in the microwave it would have been better. But I don’t know. But I suggest eating it all so you don’t have that problem.

I Give this restaurant an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. If you are in Birmingham it’s one to check out!