Junk Food

My Sweet Tooth – My favorite sweets


I have a sweet tooth the size of Cleveland. As far as i can remember I have loved sweets, cookies, ice cream, and the list goes on and on. This sort of fits into why I am not a big vegetable fan I think. Most vegetables are not sweet. Granted you have corn, peas and carrots, but most are not super sweet. BTW I love all those veggies, I know shocker right.

So what are some of the things that will sooth my sweet tooth. These are a few of my current favorites. This is by no means everything but right now these are the things I can’t pass up

Hershey’s Hugs – I have posted about these a few weeks back. Hugs have been some of my favorite chocolate for a few years. The mix of White and Milk Chocolate are amazing

Twinkies – Either fried or regular these have been a favorite of mine since I was young. One day I bought a box and driving errands from 9 AM till 7 PM, I ate an entire box in the car. This was when I was 24 and had a high metabolism. Its’ an easy go to favorite.

Chocolate Croissants – Noticing a trend? I love chocolate and the mix of the buttery dough and the chocolate make me melt. OMG its the best I’m getting hungry now

Chocolate Chip Cookies – A classic for sure. At my current contract job they constantly bring in cookies. I can’t pass up a chocolate chip cookie, when i walk past it I have to get one or two.

Banana Split – This has been a favorite of mine since I was about 8. Every time we went to the Dairy Queen I would get one. Back when they had the sales for 99 cents. Man I miss those days. Hence, this is why I got the one at Edgewood Creamery in Bham a few months back.

The list keeps growing and growing on what I love. But starting in the next few weeks I”m going back to eating better so I’ll cut back on the sweets. I need to loose some weight I gained back! I will keep you posted on how that is going.