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Junk Food

My Sweet Tooth – My favorite sweets

  I have a sweet tooth the size of Cleveland. As far as i can remember I have loved sweets, cookies, ice cream, and the list goes on and on. This sort of fits into why I am not a big vegetable fan I think. Most vegetables are not sweet. Granted you have corn, peas and carrots, but most are not super sweet. BTW I love all those veggies, I  ...

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Fast Food, McDonalds

A Delicious Pie…From McDonald’s

Ok, before you judge, let me make my case. As you know I eat everywhere and not ashamed to say that I do. I partake in the fast food and rather enjoy it. So when i went to McDonalds and got a super sized Chicken Nuggets meal (don’t judge, I didn’t eat breakfast), you get a free pie. The traditional is the classic Apple pie. Which is a good  ...

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Atlanta, Colonnade, Southern

An Atlanta Tradition the Colonnade

If you have lived in Atlanta for any length of time you know about the Colonnade. It’s been an Atlanta landmark since 1927. Its best known for it’s southern down home cooking. I have had almost everything on the menu, with exception of the chicken livers, and it’s all be amazing. You can go wrong with anything there. Over the last few years  ...

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Atlanta, Dog Days, Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Get Your Hot Dog at Dog Days

I am in by no means a hot dog fan. When given the choice, just about anytime I will go with what ever option B is. It all goes back to High School when we had to cook about 1200 hot dog and I got to eat them all day. I ate so many I don’t really care for them any more. I occasionally have a hot dog at a baseball game but that’s about the only  ...

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Candy, Chocolate

Can I have a Hug

As I said in my sprinkles post. Chocolate is my second food group. I don’t drink so when I have a hard day I reach for some chocolate. Also since I have gout I can’t eat nuts. Almonds are really bad as are peanuts. And can I say how hard it is to get chocolate without nuts.

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S’mores Cookies, I made….

Well don’t get your hopes epithet I made cookies from scratch. As I have told friends who asked about the blog its more about eating than cooking! However, I need to cook more than I do!These are cookies I made by opening the package and cooking them! Its the Pillsbury Melts S’mores Sensations.

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Snack Foods

My Favorite Snack Dried Mangos

I’m sure you’re wondering where the picky part of the Unlikely Foodie blog is, well here is a big one. I really hate dried fruits. There are a few exceptions but for the most part they drive me nuts. Dried pineapple is too fibrous, bananas just have an odd flavor, apricots/peaches, I won’t even go there on this blog. I give most dried fruits a pass.

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Ice Cream and Frozen Custards

Costco has Gelato

Gelato is one of my favorite desserts of all time! Ever since my friend Kate told me about Cafe Gelato in the Bellagio I have been hooked. When I go to Vegas I get between 1 and 3 times every trip. However, I have yet to find a great place in Atlanta for Gelato. If you aren’t familar with Gelato, it’s an ice cream that originally came from  ...

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