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Fresh2Order Healthy and Great!

Looking at my blog I know some of you are going, “Do you ever eat anything healthy?” Why yes I do and will start up at the first of the year. I have to watch what I eat and start working out or exercising. Because I can’t go up another pants size. To do this I need to eat healthy and wise. One of my favorite places to do that is Fresh2Order.  ...

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Atlanta, Colonnade, Southern

An Atlanta Tradition the Colonnade

If you have lived in Atlanta for any length of time you know about the Colonnade. It’s been an Atlanta landmark since 1927. Its best known for it’s southern down home cooking. I have had almost everything on the menu, with exception of the chicken livers, and it’s all be amazing. You can go wrong with anything there. Over the last few years  ...

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Atlanta, Dog Days, Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Get Your Hot Dog at Dog Days

I am in by no means a hot dog fan. When given the choice, just about anytime I will go with what ever option B is. It all goes back to High School when we had to cook about 1200 hot dog and I got to eat them all day. I ate so many I don’t really care for them any more. I occasionally have a hot dog at a baseball game but that’s about the only  ...

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Atlanta, Bleu House Market

Having Bacon at Bleu House Market

I haven’t heard of the Bleu House Market before. It’s a restaurant in the Historic downtown part of Norcross. I think the last time I was in this area was 2003ish. I used to work for the family business and have to drive through it often. At that time it didn’t have a lot of upscale dining options. So over the last decade they have added new  ...

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